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Public transit is an important element of the regional transportation network, and improving transportation linkages and options is noted as a key goal of the SLRD’s Regional Growth Strategy. With this, the transportation strategy in the SLRD’s Integrated Sustainability Plan establishes public transit as a preferred mode of transportation.

Public transit connects communities and increases mobility for people of all ages, helping to build a strong economy and contributing to the overall health and sustainability of our regional communities and ecosystems. Public transit conserves energy, relieves traffic congestion, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, enhances community resilience and improves air quality.  

There are three public transit systems in the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District, all operated by BC Transit:

Greyhound Canada also offers transit service in the southern part of the regional district.

Regional Transit Planning and Infrastructure

In 2008, the SLRD Board adopted Bylaw 1069 – 2008, which provides funding for regional transit planning and capital infrastructure.

Sea to Sky Transit Future Plan

All across BC, municipal and regional transit systems that operate under BC Transit are making transit plans for the next 25 years. The Sea to Sky Transit Future Plan is currently underway. 

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