Illegal Dumping & Burning

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Illegal dumping can mean a number of things, including dumping waste at an unregulated location, abandoning cars or leaving a mess in the forest after a party. Illegal dumping is a continual challenge in the SLRD. Most often, items are dumped along roadsides, in ditches and fields, wood areas and remote sites.

Besides the cost of cleanup, illegal dumping also poses a threat to both the environment and public health and safety, especially given the wide-spread historic use of asbestos in drywall. Illegally-dumped hazardous material can seep into the ground and eventually into water sources or it can go directly into streams and lakes. Dumping sites can become breeding grounds for insects and rodents. Not to mention, they diminish the beauty of life near these areas. As well, bears can develop a taste for human-discarded garbage and become a nuisance, which can result in the bears being killed.

Illegal burning can include unregulated backyard and landclearing burns, as well as burning of debris, garbage or other materials. Even when something like yard trimmings are dumped or burned where they are not meant to be, they can pose a wildfire hazard.

Reporting illegal dumping or burning

To report an illegal dump or burn, please call the BC Conservation Officer Service Report All Poachers & Polluters (RAPP) hotline at 1-877-952-7277 or complete the RAPP online form