Boards & Committees

The SLRD Board may decide to establish a committee or commission to provide recommendations and advice to the Board or to undertake some work on behalf of the Board. Committees or commissions are generally used in those cases where subject matter experts are required, or where specific community involvement is warranted, or when the Board does not have the capacity to undertake an initiative directly.

The SLRD Board can delegate some authority to a committee or commission. However, the Board cannot delegate authority to make a bylaw or any power or duty exercisable only by bylaw (A Guide to Regional District Board Delegation to Committees & Commissions). 

Members of the SLRD Board participate in committees to which they are appointed either by the Chair in the case of Standing Committees, or by the entire Board in the case of Select Committees. Standing Committees are created for matters that have ongoing mandates, while Select Committees are established to consider specific matters for a finite period of time. 

Individuals from outside of the SLRD Board may be appointed to a committee in accordance with the SLRD Procedure Bylaw.  

Current SLRD Boards and Committees:

Members of the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District Board also serve on several external boards, committees, and commissions that address a wide range of issues.

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