External Organizations & Other Appointments

AgencyElectoral Area / Member Municipality representedRepresentative (Alternate in brackets)
Bridge River Valley Community AssociationElectoral Area AJ. Courchesne
Destination British Columbia - Sea to Sky Destination Development Planning ProcessAll DirectorsJ. Crompton
Fraser Basin Council BoardAll DirectorsJ. Crompton (T. Rainbow)
Fraser Basin Council - Thompson Regional CommitteeElectoral Area A or B or LillooetV. Birch-Jones (P. Busse)
Howe Sound Community ForumElectoral Areas C & DR. Mack, T. Rainbow
Howe Sound Community Forum - Ocean Watch Action Plan Task ForceElectoral Area C or DT. Rainbow
Lillooet Area Library Association Board

Electoral Area A or B 

V. Birch-Jones
Lillooet Community Partners Resource Committee1 Electoral Areas A & BJ. Courchesne; V. Birch-Jones
Lillooet Rural Traffic Advisory Committee2Electoral Areas A & BJ. Courchesne; V. Birch-Jones
Lower Mainland Local Government Association (LMLGA) - ExecutiveElectoral Area C or D or Squamish or Whistler or PembertonJ. Ford (K. Elliott)
Lower Mainland Local Government Association (LMLGA) - Flood ControlElectoral Area C or D or Squamish or Whistler or PembertonR. Mack (M. Richman)
Metro Vancouver Indigenous Relations Committee3Electoral Area C or D or Squamish or Whistler or PembertonT. Rainbow
Municipal Finance Authority (MFA)All DirectorsT. Rainbow (J. Ford)
Municipal Insurance Association of British Columbia (MIA)All DirectorsR. Mack (T. Rainbow)
Northern Development Initiative Trust - Cariboo-Chilcotin/Lillooet Regional Advisory Committee (RAC)Electoral Area A and BJ. Courchesne (S. Oakley), V. Birch-Jones (J. Rasmussen)
Pemberton Area Economic Development CollaborativeElectoral Area C - StaffR. Mack (J. Kennett); J. Nadon
Pemberton-Lillooet Treaty Advisory Committee4Electoral Areas B & CV. Birch-Jones, R. Mack
Pemberton & District Public Library BoardElectoral Area C R. Mack (J. Kennett)
Pemberton Valley Dyking DistrictElectoral Area CR. Mack [Board Liaison]
Sea to Sky Highway Safety Committee5Electoral Areas C & DR. Mack, T. Rainbow
Sea to Sky Regional Transit CommitteeArea C and Area DR. Mack; T. Rainbow
Southern Interior Local Government Association (SILGA)Electoral Area A & B & Lillooet(SILGA Board Appointments as per SILGA AGM)
St'át'imc Steering Committee (for St'át'imc Cultural Centre and Visitor Gateway project)Electoral Area B or LillooetP. Busse
The BC Rural Centre6Electoral Area A or Electoral Area B or LillooetJ. Courchesne (P. Busse)
Thompson Regional Hospital DistrictElectoral Areas A & B & LillooetJ. Courchesne (S. Oakley), V. Birch-Jones (J. Rasmussen)
1 Not active.
2Not active.
3Metro Vancouver (Greater Vancouver Regional District) does not provide for the appointment of alternates on its committees.
4Not active.
5 Not active.  (A few years ago, the SLRD Board requested that ICBC reconstitute this Committee.)
6 Previously named Southern Interior Beetle Action Coalition (SIBAC).


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