SLRD Electoral Areas

Electoral Area D
Population: 305 (2021 Census)
Size: 3,715.03 square kilometers
The Upper Bridge River Valley is a friendly “community of communities” with a small town feel and a distinct identity anchored in its mountain surroundings and its mining past. It is the home to long...
Electoral Area B
Population: 1,624 including First Nations communities (2021 Census)
Size: 3,467.47 square kilometers
The communities of Electoral Area B are varied and distinct, but all share in the natural beauty and rural character of the region. Found within the traditional territory of the...
Electoral Area C
Population: 3,492 including First Nations communities (2021 Census)
Size: 5,570.39 square kilometers
Electoral Area C is known for its spectacular beauty, characterized by numerous rivers, productive agricultural lands, and steep mountainous vistas. At about 5,600 square kilometers in size,...
Electoral Area D
Population: 1,057 (2021 Census)
Size: 3,041.63 square kilometers
Electoral Area D contains some of the most stunning and diverse scenery in the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District. It includes three oceanfront communities: Porteau Cove, Furry Creek and Britannia...
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