Pemberton Meadows, by Ed Witwicki
Locally grown farm fresh blueberries, by Ed Witwicki
Anderson Lake, by Ed Witwicki
Gates Lake, by Lara Wall
Pemberton Meadows, by Ed Witwicki

August 18, 4:00pm

  • fire now 40% contained and estimated at 329HA
  • the Evacuation Alert remains in effect
  • a return to more smoky conditions today in the wider area as a weather outflow has brought heavy smoke from the...

Electoral Area C

Electoral Area C


Photo of Russell Mack
Russell Mack
Phone: (604) 452-2225
Cell: (604) 935-9098
Jan Kennett
Alternate Director
Phone: (604) 894-6789
Cell: (604) 698-9031
Outside Agency/Other Appointments
  • Howe Sound Community Forum
  • Pemberton Library Board
  • Pemberton – Lillooet Treaty Advisory Committee
  • Sea to Sky Highway Safety Committee
  • Winds of Change Committee

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Pemberton Valley / Mount Currie-D’Arcy Corridor

Population: 3,218 including First Nations communities (2016 Census)
Size: 5,570.39 square kilometers
Folio Count: 1,516
Taxable Property Assessment Total: $550,345,600
Average Taxable Property: $394,513

Electoral Area C is known for its spectacular beauty, characterized by numerous rivers, productive agricultural lands, and steep mountainous vistas. At about 5,600 square kilometers in size, Electoral Area C is the largest area in the regional district, and is also is the most populous. Area C is home to long-time residents with agricultural roots, young families new to the area, part-time residents, and the growing Lil’wat and N’Quatqua First Nations.

Electoral Area C enjoys a diverse economy with a focus on agriculture, tourism and forestry, but also supports a number of home-based businesses. The area shares a close and mutually supportive relationship with the Village of Pemberton.  Although the Pemberton Valley is known as the “Seed Potato Capital of Canada,” in recent years the agricultural industry has seen continued diversification to include cattle ranching, burgeoning small-scale organic farms, a vineyard, extensive equestrian facilities, food and accommodation providers, and other agricultural festivals and events, including the popular Slow Food Cycle Sunday, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2014.  

Electoral Area C lies in the centre of the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District, and is bounded to the North by Electoral Area A (Upper Bridge River Valley), to the east by Electoral Area B and the Thompson Nicola Regional District, to the south by Electoral Area D and the Fraser Valley Regional District, and to the west by Sunshine Coast, Powell River and Strathcona Regional Districts.



  • Pemberton Fringe
  • Pemberton Meadows
  • Mount Currie-D’Arcy Corridor (including Walkerville, Reid Road, Ivy Lake Estates, Owl Ridge, Poole Creek, Birken, Devine and Birkenhead Lake Estates)
  • Lillooet Lake Estates
  • Wedge Woods / Whistler-Pemberton Corridor

First Nations Communities

  • Lil’wat
  • N’Quatqua
  • In-SHUCK-ch

Community Organizations

Category: Special Interest
Category: Special Interest
Category: Service Clubs
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Category: Special Interest
Category: Sports & Recreation
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Category: Special Interest

Upcoming Events

There are currently no upcoming events posted.


Weather Notices, Other Notice
Aug 16, 2018 - Note from the SLRD: The Sea to Sky region continues to be impacted by smoke from fires burning in the province. All six regional fire centres in BC continue to... Read more
Travel/Road Notices
Aug 14, 2018 - Slow Food Cycle Sunday 2018 The Slow Food Cycle Sunday is a 45 kilometre/ 28 mile cycle along Pemberton Meadows Road. Travel at your own pace on two wheels to... Read more
Public Hearing or Meeting
Aug 13, 2018 - Community Information Meeting - Grouse Creek Fire (K72289) Tuesday, August 14 at 6 p.m. N’Quatqua Community Hall All residents affected or... Read more
Emergency Notice, Weather Notices
Aug 15, 2018 - Note from the SLRD: The Special air quality statements issued by the BC Ministry of Environment and Environment and Climate Change Canada continue. Air quality... Read more
Emergency Notice
Aug 15, 2018 - August 18, 4:00pm fire now 40% contained and estimated at 329HA the Evacuation Alert remains in effect a return to more smoky conditions today in the... Read more

Past Meetings

Permits / Applications

Date Name Type Documents
Jun 30, 2016 ALC Non-Farm Use Application McLeod and Phare (Pemberton Music Festival Camping/Parking) Agricultural Land Commission Application
Jun 30, 2016 Temporary Use Permit #45 & #46 (for parking and camping associated with the PMF) Temporary Use Permit
Apr 25, 2016 WedgeWoods Zoning and Covenant Amendment Application Zoning/OCP Amendment Application
Nov 25, 2015 Zoning Amendment Application - 1793 Reid Road Zoning/OCP Amendment Application
Oct 28, 2014 McGillivray Falls Land Use Contract Amendment & Rezoning Application Land Use Contract Amendment Application
Oct 9, 2014 Whistler Waldorf School Rezoning Application Zoning/OCP Amendment Application
Jul 31, 2014 Wedgemount Creek Temporary Use Permit Application Temporary Use Permit
Jul 31, 2014 Pemberton Music Festival Temporary Use Permit Application Temporary Use Permit



Name Type Communities
Area C OCP & Zoning - Pemberton Valley Agricultural Area Plan Implementation Planning & Building
  • Electoral Area C
Cannabis Regulations Planning & Building
  • All Areas
Children's Nature Play Park Recreation, Culture, Parks & Trails
  • Electoral Area C
  • Village of Pemberton
Commercial Livestock Relocation Guide Emergency Management
  • All Areas
Devine Transfer Station Recycling, Composting & Solid Waste
  • Electoral Area C


Year Title Area Report
2018 Community Emergency Plan: McGillivray Falls Recreation Retreat Electoral Area C Download
2018 Community Emergency Plan: Lillooet Lake Estates & Heather Jean Properties Electoral Area C Download
2018 Community Emergency Plan: Birken Electoral Area C Download
2018 SLRD Emergency Program: 2017 Annual Report Electoral Area A, Electoral Area B, Electoral Area C, Electoral Area D Download
2018 Agricultural Water Demand Model: Squamish-Lillooet Regional District All Areas Download
2018 Mount Currie Landslide Risk Assessment Electoral Area C, Village of Pemberton Download
2018 Community Emergency Plan: WedgeWoods Electoral Area C Download
2018 Community Emergency Plan: Ponderosa Electoral Area C Download
2018 Community Emergency Plan: Pemberton Meadows Electoral Area C Download
2018 Community Emergency Plan: Mt. Currie and Pemberton Fringe Electoral Area C Download


Local Services

  • Birken Fire Protection
  • Birken Recreation Commission
  • D’Arcy Street Lighting
  • D’Arcy Water System
  • Devine Water System
  • Devine Waste Transfer Station (D’Arcy, Devine, Birkenhead Lake Refuse; Anderson Lake Garbage)
  • Pemberton Fire Protection
  • Pemberton Heights Fire Protection
  • Pemberton Meadows Fire Protection
  • Pemberton North Water System
  • Walkerville Dyking & Drainage

Sub-Regional Services (shared with the Village of Pemberton)

Other Sub-Regional Services

Regional Services

  • Building Inspection (Electoral Areas only)
  • Civic Addressing (Electoral Areas only)
  • Elections (Electoral Areas only)
  • Electoral Areas Community Parks (Electoral Areas only)
  • Emergency Planning (Electoral Areas only)
  • General Government Services
  • Land Planning & Zoning
  • Regional Growth Strategy (all Electoral Areas and municipalities except Electoral Area A)
  • Regional Transit Planning
  • Treaty Advisory Committee
  • Waste Management Planning

Recycling, Composting & Solid Waste Facilities

Upcoming Meetings

Date Committee Agenda Minutes
Sep 27, 2018 Committee of the Whole
Oct 8, 2018 SLRD Office Closed
Oct 10, 2018 Electoral Area Directors Committee
Oct 11, 2018 Pemberton Valley Utilities & Services Committee (PVUS)
Oct 24, 2018 SLRD Board
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