scenic of Lillooet, B.C with train; District of Lillooet
Doug Matthews
scenic of Lillooet, B.C with train; District of Lillooet
Doug Matthews

District of Lillooet

District of Lillooet


Laurie Hopfl
Alternate Director
Barbara Wiebe
Phone: (250) 256-7340
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  • Southern Interior Beetle Action Coalition
  • Thompson Regional Hospital District

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Population: 2,275 (2016 Canada Census)

The District of Lillooet is situated at the confluence of the Fraser River and the Bridge River to the north, and the Fraser River and Cayoosh Creek to the south. Lillooet’s first inhabitants named the area Pa-Shil-Qua-Ka-Meen – the place where three rivers meet. The District of Lillooet is located within the traditional territory of the St’át’imc Nation and the boundaries of Electoral Area B of the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District.

Lillooet is considered to be one of the oldest continuously inhabited settlements in North America, with archeological evidence stretching back more than 8,000 years. The area attracted large seasonal and permanent populations of the St’át’imc people, whose economy was based on salmon from the Fraser River. In the 1860s, the onset of the Gold Rush made Lillooet Mile 0 of the Cariboo Wagon Road. For a time, it was the second largest community north of San Francisco and west of Chicago. Gold mining and prospecting continue in the area to this day, and Lillooet remains one of the world’s greatest sources of nephrite jade.

Lillooet’s economy has historically been based around forestry, the railway, ranching, farming and government services. Grape-growing and wine production is now emerging as another important sector, along with tourism. The area’s arid climate is well-suited to agriculture, and its “guaranteed rugged” terrain is ideal for outdoor adventures of every kind.


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Emergency Notice
Aug 6, 2021 - There are currently no road closures in the SLRD due to wildfire, however, the wildfire danger risk rating is  extreme, and fire behaviour can change rapidly... Read more
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Jul 20, 2021 - Special air quality statement issued for: Fraser Canyon - north including Lillooet, B.C. (083110) Issued at 2021-07-20 18:46 UTC by Environment Canada, the B.C.... Read more
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Aug 4, 2021 - Notice of Temporary Change to Front Counter Services Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the SLRD is currently providing limited front counter services at the SLRD... Read more
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Jul 12, 2021 - Heat Wave Warning Environment Canada has issued a heat wave warning for parts of the province, including Lillooet and surrounding area, with daytime highs ranging... Read more

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Past Meetings

Permits / Applications

Date Name Type Documents
Feb 28, 2018 RGS Amendment (Growth Management text amendments)
Nov 29, 2016 ALC Subdivision Application - 212 McNary Road (Texas Creek) Agricultural Land Commission Application


Name Type Communities
Administrative Building Expansion and Renovations Governance & Administration
  • All Areas
Alternative Approval Process (AAP) - SLRD Administrative Building Renovation Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 1519-2017 Governance & Administration
  • All Areas
Area B Noise Regulation Bylaw Planning & Building
  • District of Lillooet
  • Electoral Area B
Area B, District of Lillooet, & St'át'imc Agricultural Plan Implementation Planning & Building
  • District of Lillooet
  • Electoral Area B
Cannabis Regulations Planning & Building
  • All Areas


Year Title Area Report
2021 SLRD Community Risk Assessment All Areas Download
2021 Appendix 2 - Requirements for Rebrate Program from CRI FCFS Application Guide All Areas Download
2020 Protective Services Annual Report: 2020 All Areas Download
2020 SLRD All-Hazards Emergency Response Plan All Areas Download
2020 SLRD Pandemic Response Plan All Areas Download
2020 SLRD Business Continuity Plan All Areas Download
2020 Squamish-Lillooet Regional District Geohazard Risk Prioritization Report All Areas Download
2020 Squamish-Lillooet Regional District Geohazard Risk Prioritization Report - Appendix H Results Tabulation All Areas Download
2019 Update to Northern SLRD Economic Development Assessment, Strategies and Actions District of Lillooet, Electoral Area A, Electoral Area B Download
2018 Agricultural Water Demand Model: Squamish-Lillooet Regional District All Areas Download


Local Services

  • Lillooet / Camelsfoot Television Rebroadcasting

Sub-Regional Services

  • 9-1-1 Services (Interior)
  • Lillooet & Area B Library
  • Lillooet Area Refuse (Landfill)
  • Lillooet Area Rescue Service

Regional Services

  • General Government Services
  • Land Planning & Zoning
  • Regional Growth Strategy (all Electoral Areas and municipalities except Electoral Area A)
  • Regional Transit Planning
  • Treaty Advisory Committee
  • Waste Management Planning

Recycling, Composting & Solid Waste Facilities

  • Lillooet Solid Waste Management Facility

Upcoming Meetings

Date Committee Agenda Minutes
Sep 27, 2021 Committee of the Whole
Sep 29, 2021 SLRD Board
Sep 30, 2021 SLRD Office Closed
Sep 30, 2021 Committee of the Whole
Oct 11, 2021 SLRD Office Closed
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