Hazard Reports & Information

Within the SLRD, there are a number of natural and technological hazards that are important to be aware of.

Some hazards pose a potential risk year-round, while others come and go with the seasons. It is important to learn about all of the following hazards and prepare for them accordingly.

SLRD Natural Hazards Policy

Click here to access the SLRD Natural Hazards Policy, which includes some considerations for development in areas that may be affected by natural hazards.

SLRD Community Risk Assessment

Click here to access the SLRD Community Risk Assessment, which informs risk reduction strategies, emergency response and recovery plans, and other elements of the SLRD Emergency Program.

SLRD Local Hazard Reports

The SLRD has commissioned and/ or received a number of Local Hazard Reports that address risk posed to specific communities in our area.

Select from the left-hand menu to access SLRD Local Hazard Reports, and general hazard information.

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