Terrain Stability

The SLRD is actively working on a number of terrain stability issues, and is monitoring others. Please follow the links below for more specific information:

Mount Meager Landslide Hazard

Lillooet Lake Estates (Cataline Creek) Debris Flow Hazard

Terrain Stability Mapping and Reports

Gold Bridge / Bralorne Area (Electoral Area A)

Mount Currie - D'Arcy Corridor (Electoral Area C)

The Terrain Stability Analysis of the Mt. Currie – D’Arcy Corridor (Baumann, 1994) establishes where various types of natural hazardous events might occur in the Mt. Currie – D’Arcy corridor and how these events might affect present settlements and future development plans.

Geotechnical Report: Terrain Stability Analysis Mt. Currie-D'Arcy corridor

Some maps may need to be rotated clockwise twice

(Airphoto #1) Mt. Currie to Reid Road 
(Airphoto #2) Walkerville/Reid Road
(Airphoto #3) Owl Creek
(Airphoto #4) The Flats
(Airphoto #5) The Flats (North)
(Airphoto #6) Birkenhead Lake Forest Service Road
(Airphoto #7) Old Portage Road/Poole Creek
(Airphoto #8) Gates Lake (Birken)
(Airphoto #9) Gates Lake North (Birken)
(Airphoto #10) Birken
(Airphoto #11) Birken (Mars Crossing)
(Airphoto #12) Birken (North of Mars Crossing)
(Airphoto #13) Pemberton Portage Road (Moon Farm)
(Airphoto #14) Devine
(Airphoto #15) Devine-D'Arcy
(Airphoto #16) D'Arcy
(Airphoto #17) D'Arcy (Northwest)

Gold Bridge / Bralorne Area (Electoral Area A)

The Gold Bridge / Bralorne Area Terrain, Constraints, and Hazards Report (J.M. Ryder & Associates, 1995) indicates the location and extent of constraints to development and hazards in portions of Electoral Area A.  

Geotechnical Report: Terrain, Terrain Constraints to Residential Development, Hazards, and Aggregate Resources - Gold Bridge - Bralorne (Ryder 1995)