SLRD Community Wildfire Protection Plans

SLRD FireSmart Program Contact

Sarah Morgan
SLRD Emergency Program Manager
Telephone: (604) 698-6442

In recent years, wildfires have caused significant personal, cultural, economic and environmental loss in British Columbia. With the effects of climate change being felt across the province, this trend is expected to continue unless sufficient wildfire mitigation and preparedess measures are put in place.

People living in the SLRD can help protect themselves and their communities by adopting FireSmart best practices.

Additionally, each Electoral Area of the SLRD has its own Community Wildfire Protection Plan. These plans provide an analysis of local wildfire risks, as well as potential mitigation and preparedness options. 

 Electoral Area A Community Wildfire Protection Plan

 Electoral Area B Community Wildfire Protection Plan

 Electoral Area C Community Wildfire Protection Plan

 Electoral Area D Community Wildfire Protection Plan

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