SLRD Community Wildfire Resiliency Plans

Maude Lussier
Wildfire Mitigation Lead
Telephone: (604) 894-6371


Community Wildfire Resiliency Plans (CWRP) incorporate FireSmart principles in addition to analysis of wildfire risks, mitigation strategies and preparedness measures in the SLRD.

There are seven FireSmart disciplines that represent different aspects of wildfire preparedness, management, response, prevention, mitigation and resiliency. When implemented together through a CWRP, these seven disciplines create a holistic framework for addressing wildfire risk at the home, community and regional levels.

The CWRP goals are:
- Increase the SLRD communities' capacity and understanding of wildfire risk;
- Foster greater collaboration within and across administrative boundaries;
- Be more responsive to the needs of different types of communities throughout the district
- Develop achievable and accountable action items for the SLRD Mitigation Program and communities

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