Recovery is the activities and programs designed to return conditions to a level that is acceptable to the entity following an emergency or other event. Recovery programs and activities assist victims and their families, restore entities to suitable economic growth and confidence, rebuild destroyed property, and reconstitute government operations and services. Recovery actions often exist long after the incident itself and can include activities designed to avoid damage from future incidents." (CSA Z1600 standards for Emergency Management and Business Continuity Programs, 2008).

The following is a comprehensive list of resources to assist those returning to areas affected by wildfires including assessing drinking water safety, cleaning after a fire, mental health supports, and more:

Recovery Resources:

For inquiries about wildfire debris disposal, contact the Environmental Services Department at (604) 894-6371 ext. 292 or email

For enquiries about building and rebuilding, please contact our Building Department at (604) 894-6371 or email

For enquiries concerning application riparian or wildfire development permit areas, please contact our Planning Department at (604) 894-6371 or email

Health Resources: