Anderson Lake Docks and Boat Launch

Electoral Area C

The Anderson Lake docks and boatramp were replaced in the spring of 2017.

Resolving the situation with the aging docks was identified as a priority by the SLRD Board in 2015. 

Installation of the new Anderson Lake docks got underway during the week of March 13th, with delivery of the aluminum walkways and ramps. The project was completed and dock re-opened to the public on March 31st.

See the February 17, 2017 news release.


The Anderson Lake docks are two side‐by‐side wooden structures separated by a concrete boat launch, at the end of Koocha Road, D'Arcy, at the southern point of Anderson Lake. They're used by the public, as well as Anderson Lake lot owners, to access the lake.


The docks were buit with cedar decking and log/rock cribbing, some time ago.

The condition of the docks has been deteriorating over the years, but replacing or improving the docks was stymied by a lack of owner or operator and overlapping jurisdictions of various federal and provincial agencies.

In August, 2016, the SLRD acquired tenure over the docks from the Province and secured the required permits to construct.

In December 2016, a series of Arctic outflows brought wind and cold conditions that took a toll on one of the aging docks, blowing it sideways until the ramp and float broke.


Given the plans to replace both docks and the boat launch in early 2017, the SLRD elected not to invest any funds on a temporary repair of the damaged dock. 

The SLRD issued a tender for the replacement of the Anderson Lakedocks - the RFP (which was re-issued in November) came due January 9, 2017 and generated an encouraging number of responses.

The contract was awarded at the Board meeting on January 26, 2017. The aluminium dock sections are being fabricated by the manufacturer now (February 9 2017). Once the sections are ready, the crew will get started on site. The docks will be removed and replaced one at a time, in order to keep one working dock open during the construction period. 

Update April 4, 2017:

Installation of the dock was completed on Friday, March 31, 2017! The docks are now open to the public. Bumpers and ladders have been ordered, and will be added to each dock - hopefully before the May 24 weekend. 

The photos below are provided courtesy of Andy Munster. They were taken on April 4 2017.


Update March 27, 2017:

Update March 21, 2017:

The new floats for the Anderson Lake Dock have arrived on site. The old dock that is still in good shape will be repurposed as a float for the kids (and kid-like) to swim to. It was relocated out of the way of the boat launch and will replace the old falling-apart swimming platform. Aluminium ramps are expected to arrive on site on Monday, March 27.


Update March 16, 2017:

Work to replace the docks began this week and is on schedule for completion by April 15. The orange curtain in the images below is in place to reduce the environmental impact of the work - it keeps the churned up mud and gravel confined. The lock blocks will form the base of the new ramp, and the form on the far side is for the concrete ramps leading to the dock.  

Update March 10, 2017:

Work to replace the Anderson Lake docks gets underway during the week of March 13th, when we are expecting the delivery of the aluminum walkways and ramps. Our goal is to have everything completed by the second week of April – earlier if possible!  

Unfortunately, due to the environmental requirements (skirting around the entire work area), we will not be able to keep one dock open during the construction period as we had initially planned. The Red Barn will accommodate boat launches during construction until the project is finished.