Birkenhead Lake Estates Rezoning

Feb 23, 2022
Electoral Area C

Birkenhead Lake Estates rezoning:

All land use contracts in British Columbia will be terminated as of June 30, 2024. Local governments are required to have zoning bylaws in place that will apply to the land once the land use contracts are terminated.  The SLRD already has underlying zoning in place for Birkenhead Lake Estates.  Once land use contracts are terminated, only the zoning will apply. This may result in non-conforming uses, as the underlying zoning for Birkenhead Lake Estates is Rural 1 (RRM) - does not allow for the level of development currently on the property. Under this non-conforming situation, if a fire were to occur there would be no opportunity to rebuild.                                                                                                                   

To address the non-conforming situation of the current underlying zoning, SLRD staff are proposing zoning amendments Birkenhead Lake Estates that will regulate the land use of the Birkenhead Lake Estates property, similar to the regulations of the current Birkenhead Lake Estates Land Use Contract 122. The proposed zoning amendments build on previous work completed by SLRD staff. 

A staff report (with a bylaw attached) is available here

Questions about this bylaw can be referred to

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