Electoral Area A Official Community Plan Review and Update

Electoral Area A

Project Overview

The Upper Bridge River Valley Official Community Plan (OCP) last underwent a major review in 2006 (adopted in 2008). Since that time, only minor updates to the document have been made. A comprehensive review of the OCP document is timely, and will incorporate current information and best practices.

From 2006 to 2016, Area A saw relatively flat population growth. However, the 2021 census revealed a 63.1% jump in population between 2016 and 2021. Anecdotally, regional demographics are shifting toward younger community members, supported by remote work opportunities.

A series of key issues will need to be addressed through the OCP review. These include:

  • Housing: Housing issues, including housing affordability, will be looked at in light of recommendations that were made in the 2020 Housing Needs and Demand Study (which identified specific zones where "light density" may be appropriate).
  • Heritage: Heritage Planning opportunities will be examined to ensure the effective management of Area A heritage resources in perpetuity.
  • Park Land and Trail Designation: Opportunities to enhance and maintain public access to key areas such as waterfront will be explored and trail designation will be addressed in order to ensure appropriate management of recreation resources.

Current Status

Phase 4 Engagement was held in February 2024. Staff are now amending the Draft OCP bylaw and will be bringing it back for consideration of second reading at a future SLRD Board meeting. 

At their meeting of July 26, 2023, the SLRD Board passed the following resolutions:

  • THAT Bylaw No. 1822, 2023, cited as “Squamish-Lillooet Regional District Electoral Area A Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 1822-2023” be introduced and read a first time.
  • THAT as per Local Government Act Section 477 (3) a) i) Bylaw No.1822-2023 be considered with respect to the SLRD financial plans and deemed to be in keeping with those plans.
  • THAT as per Local Government Act Section 477 (3) a) ii) Bylaw No. 1822-2023 be considered with respect to the SLRD Solid Waste and Resource Management Plan and deemed to be in keeping with that plan.
  • THAT Bylaw No. 1822-2022 be referred to affected First Nations, Provincial agencies and ministries including the Agricultural Land Commission, BC Hydro, as well as the Bridge River Valley Community Association.

Project Timeline

The project has been divided into five phases, with opportunities for engagement at various phases. The project is currently in Phase Five. See the timeline below for what has been completed to date. 


Community Engagement

So far, the OCP review and update have included a range of community engagement opportunities. See below for details on engagement at various phases of the project.

Phase Two of engagement took place in Spring/Summer 2022. Engagement during this phase included stakeholder interviews, a community survey, "pop-up" community activities, and community school engagement. The results of Phase Two are available for review in the below summary report.

What We Heard Summary Report (Phase Two Engagement)


Phase Three of engagement consisted of the Community Workbook engagement activity and took place in September/October 2022. The results of Phase Three are summarized in the report below.

What We Heard Summary Report (Community Workbook Engagement)


Phase Four of engagement provided an opportunity for public input into the Draft Plan. 

Staff Reports

Key Documents

Terms of Reference


OCP One-Pager (What is an OCP?)


Community Workbook (Blank)*

*Note the Community Workbook above has been provided for information only. The deadline has now passed and we are no longer accepting submissions. Find results of this engagement activity are under Phase 3 of Community Engagement above.