Fire Services Review

Jul 25, 2016
Electoral Area A, Electoral Area B, Electoral Area C, Electoral Area D

In 2013, the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District (SLRD) undertook a Review of its various fire services serving Britannia Beach, Garibaldi, Birken, Bralorne, Gun Lake and Seton Valley. The review included an analysis of the administrative and governance structures under which these services are provided, to ensure they comply with all the current legislation and regulations.

In May and June, 2016, the SLRD held a series of community meetings to engage with property owners in the communities of Birken, Seton Portage/Shalalth, Bralorne and Gun Lake about their fire services. The meetings were convened to discuss the recommendations that came out of the 2013 Fire Services Review, and the work done since then to begin implementing many of those recommendations. Residents were presented with various options for the potential restructuring of their volunteer fire departments and protective services, and asked to weigh in on the future of local fire service delivery. These options were also shared online and by direct mail, and property owners asked to share their initial thoughts on the best and worst future directions.

These results are posted below.

The survey was not a vote or a referendum. It was simply a tool to gauge public feedback. SLRD Staff, using the information provided and a better understanding of the tolerances and preferences of each community, will begin to develop detailed options for each area. These fleshed-out options will trigger a deeper conversation with the affected Fire Services, communities and elected officials.

The process is ongoing. Stay tuned for more updates over the winter. (Click on the links below to go directly to the information about each specific fire service).

Update: April 2017

The Board approved a recommendation at the April 19 Board meeting to engage in further communication and consultation with the four SLRD communities being serviced by society-operated fire services (Birken, Bralorne, Gun Lake and Seton) to advise the communities of the viable options available for delivery of fire protection services.

Fire Service Review Presentations:

The presentations for each community are posted below. Property owners were asked to review the presentation and click the link to take the survey, outling preferred options for future fire service in their community. 

Birken VFD

from May 4, 2016 meeting held at N’Quatqua Community Hall

Birken Fire Service - Future Directions Survey.

Seton Valley VFD

from June 11, 2016 meeting held at the Seton Fire Hall

Seton Fire Service - Future Direction Survey.

Bralorne VFD

from June 12, 2016 meeting held at the Bralorne Fire Hall

Bralorne Fire Service - Future Directions Survey.

Gun Lake Fire Protection Society

from the June 12, 2016 meeting held at the Gold Bridge Community Club

Gun Lake Fire Services - Future Directions Survey.