Food Scraps Collection Pilot Project

Electoral Area C
Village of Pemberton


Waste audits reveal that food scraps account for upwards of 50% of the overall composition of typical household waste disposed to landfill. In Pemberton and Area, food scraps collection is limited to backyard composting and more recently, some multifamily complexes have started collecting organics. The SLRD would like to explore the long-term feasibility of offering a food scraps collection service to users of the Pemberton Transfer Station. Currently, only mixed household garbage is accepted at the facility and a minimal user fee applies ($1.00 for a small bag, $2.00 for a large). The SLRD would like to offer the food scraps collection FREE to all users as an incentive to source separate food scraps from the household garbage stream. The concept is that over time, removing organics from the waste stream will translate to a decrease in garbage hauling frequency and fewer tipping fee charges at the Squamish Landfill. Those savings will help to offset the operational cost associated with the food scraps collection program.

Currently, the SLRD intends to start the residential food scraps collection pilot at the Pemberton Transfer Station with 4 sixty five gallon bear proof totes, serviced weekly. A list of accepted and not accepted items is listed below. The goal is to launch the pilot project early April 2014.

  • Fruits, vegetables, plant stalks, peelings
  • Food scraps, bones, meat, fish, dairy, nuts, bakery discards, pasta, cereal, sauces
  • Flowers and houseplants
  • Coffee grounds with filters and tea bags
  • Certified compostable containers and coffee cups
  • Paper or cardboard contaminated with food waste including pizza boxes
  • Microwave popcorn bags
  • Wood stir sticks
  • Soiled paper napkins
  • Small volumes of clean sawdust, woodchips and shavings



  • Plastic bags*, wax paper, glass*, metal*, foil*, styrofoam*, cellophane products*
  • Rubber or plastic products*
  • Waxed paper containers (milk cartons*, lined coffee cups)
  • Grease, cooking oils and liquids
  • Corrugated cardboard*
  • Fruit or vegetable labels
  • Paper egg cartons*
  • Tetrapaks** (juice boxes)
  • Diapers
  • Yard Waste – can be taken directly to Sea to Sky Soils.

* Recyclable

** Returnable

Program Promotional Offer

To promote the program, the SLRD would like to offer residents a kitchen catcher to collect food scraps in. Due to budget constraints, we will only be able to offer a limited amount while supplies last. Below is the cost breakdown for the kitchen catchers.

Measuring Success

The SLRD has contracted Sea to Sky Soils and Carney’s Waste System to carry out the pilot project. The contractors will record the total number of totes collected each week as well as the estimated tonnages. Evaluation of the success of the pilot requires analyzing the following recorded information:

  • A decrease in household garbage tonnage sent to landfill (compared to last 3 year average);
  • Number of bear-proof totes serviced each week;
  • User feedback provided to transfer station attendant and local government staff;
  • Number to kitchen catchers claimed.

Project Summary & Next Steps

The pilot project last for 6 months. During that time, the SLRD will compare the collection data with the household waste tonnage data to monitor if a decrease in household waste tonnage is occurring.

Based on the measured outcomes of the pilot the SLRD will determine if the pilot is successful. The SLRD will compile the collected project information into a project summary report, and distributed to project partners. The outcomes of project summarized in the report will direct the programs next steps.

SLRD staff anticipates that if the pilot is successful, the SLRD will incorporate food scraps collection into the 2015 budget and beyond. The SLRD will purchase bear-proof totes for the long-term collection of food scraps at the Pemberton Transfer Station in order to minimize taxpayers cost for the program. Additionally, SLRD staff will explore the option to purchase additional kitchen catchers for program will promotion.