Garibaldi Fire Hall Project

photo of Garibaldi Fire Hall
Jul 9, 2014
Electoral Area D

Work on the new Garibaldi Fire Hall at Black Tusk is complete, other than a bit of landscaping (photo, June 2014). Funded in part by Community Works funds under the Federal Gas Tax Program and designed by AKA Architecture and Design Inc., this environmentally friendly, leading edge passivehaus-style building with residential suite above has been constructed using cross-laminated timbers with a number of advantages including the following sustainability benefits:

  • Local BC materials and manufacturing
  • Renewable resource product supporting BC Wood First legislation
  • Carbon sink and carbon neutral in construction and service
  • Low VOCs and Formaldehyde-free assembly
  • Lower manufacturing embodied energy
  • Increased thermal mass with higher R-value than other thermal masses
  • Traps 90% more airflow than traditional framing
  • Natural product which is recyclable at the end of its life
  • Better seismic performance than standard framing
  • Best product choice in Life Cycle Analysis for mid-rise & industrial construction

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