Pemberton Transfer Station Relocation

Jun 25, 2020
Electoral Area C, Village of Pemberton

The Pemberton and District Transfer Station is operated by the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District, currently located on leased property at 1947 Carpenter Road in the Pemberton Business and Industrial Park.

Responding to limitations of the current site, and in response to concerns from residents and business owners, the SLRD Board has undertaken to move the site to a larger, more appropriate location within the Pemberton Business and Industrial Park.

The relocation will take place by August 31, 2021, being the contract end date for the current Pemberton Transfer Station site. The SLRD will acquire a subdivided portion of the Village of Pemberton’s 1929 Stonecutter Place property (also located in the Pemberton Business and Industrial Park). In exchange, the SLRD will transfer the Village of Pemberton a property it owns and a cash contribution.

Based on a feasibility study conducted in 2019, the estimated total cost to acquire the site and build the facility is $2,200,103. An initial loan authorization bylaw, adopted by the SLRD Board in 2018, authorized borrowing of $1,375,000 for the new facility. The SLRD Board is now considering a second loan authorization bylaw to provide additional funds of $811,353.

The SLRD is proposing to obtain elector approval via an Alternative Approval Process (AAP) for the amount of $811,353.  An AAP was also the process used to obtain elector approval for the first $1,375,000 loan.

This is summarized in the table below:

Property (A) Land Transaction Cost (B) Development Cost 1 (first loan) (C) Estimated Additional Development Cost (2019 Cost Increase) Total Cost (A) + (B) + (C) + 1% financing fee Additional Financing Required - Second Loan (i.e. over the $1,375,000 aready authorized)
New site - 1929 Stonecutter Place $350,500 $1,375,000 $452,820 $2,200,103 $811,353

AAP Process:

The SLRD Board, at its June 24, 2020 meeting, resolved to seek approval from the Inspector of Municipalities to pursue the AAP process, pursuant to the Community Charter and the Local Government Act.

Details regarding the AAP process, including tax implications, will be published on a separate page on the SLRD website, and regular updates to the project will be posted on this page.  Once the separate AAP page is established, a link to it will be provided on this page.

Project Timeline:

  • Site Preparation work is anticipated to begin in mid-2020, with construction to be completed by August 31, 2021.

The new site is large enough to accommodate the current and future needs of the community and key infrastructure is expected to include:

  • Complete waste and resource recovery services (all recyclables and household waste);
  • Organics and invasive species;
  • Weigh scale, scale house, and administration building;
  • Containment area for used oil and household hazardous waste;
  • Household appliances containing ozone-depleting substances and household appliances without ozone substances; and
  • Safe drop-off area to allow materials to be transferred from small vehicles.

Please see the conceptual design (not finalized) below:

The SLRD will conduct a community survey in July/ August, 2020 to gather feedback and input for the new facility services.

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For more information, please contact:

Angela Belsham
Director of Environmental Services
Telephone: 604-894-6371 ext. 240


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