Short-Term Rentals and Bed & Breakfasts in the SLRD

Jun 5, 2020
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In recent years, SLRD Electoral Directors and Staff have been receiving an increasing number of complaints associated with illegal short-term nightly rentals. The number of illegal short-term nightly rentals also continues to grow. Additionally, SLRD staff and community members have voiced concerns about long-term impacts to neighbourhood character and rental housing availablity/affordability. The following approaches are being contemplated for Amendment Bylaws No. 1607-2018 and No. 1609-2018, which will apply to Electoral Area A and Electoral Area C, respectively: 

  • Bed and Breakfasts could not require a rezoning application and could continue being permitted in zones where they are a permitted use (subject to submitting a Change of Use application);
  • STRs (i.e. separate dwelling unit from resident/host, not including single family dwellings that meet Bed & Breakfast definition) could require a rezoning application following successful management of a TUP. This approach could help to minimize the number of suites being removed from long-term rental market;
  • A new definition (Lodging/Boarding) could be added to permit owners who wish to rent a single room in their single family dwelling (but not their strata unit) for temporary tourist accommodation to do so without a Change of Use application and/or without a rezoning application (maximum of 2 guests). This could take place within the same dwelling unit as the owner, and not be in a separate dwelling unit from the resident/host. The dwelling unit would be required to have a valid Building Permit completed to final for this use to be permitted.

The following approach was taken for Amendment Bylaw No. 1610-2018 (Adopted May 22, 2019), which applies to Electoral Area D:

Bed & Breakfast Approach – Zoning related

  • New bed and breakfast operations will need to apply for a zoning amendment. 
  • The rezoning process will ensure traditional bed and breakfast operations have obtained the required Change of Use Permit to address fire and life safety concerns under the BC Building Code.
  • The rezoning process will help differentiate traditional bed and breakfast operations for short-term rental operations (the key distinction being that for traditional bed and breakfasts the property owner/resident is on site).

Short-Term Rental Approach- Zoning related

  • Clarification that this use is prohibited unless proper zoning is in place has been added via a Short Term Rental prohibition section to each zoning bylaw.
  • New Short-Term Rental operations will apply for a zoning amendment, as per the August 29/30, 2018 SLRD Board resolutions. 

Current Status

At the May 22, 2019 SLRD Board meeting, Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 1610-2018 for SLRD Electoral Area D was adopted.

At that meeting, the Board requested that Public Information Meetings be held in Area A, Area B, and Area C. These meetings were held in June and July, and feedback was summarized in a staff report seeking Board direction that was brought forward to the SLRD Board on August 28, 2019. The report also included proposed changes to the draft zoning amendments based on public feedback and best practices.

On May 27, 2020, SLRD staff brought back a direction request seeking futher direction on three key issues with respect to STRs:

  • Regulatory tools (TUPs and zoning amendments);
  • Types of dwelling units in which to allow STRs; and
  • Communications/enforcement. 

Based on Board direction, SLRD staff are currently working on further amendments and drafting of a Temporary Use Permit policy, which will be brought back to the Board for consideration in 2020. Enforcement will continue to be complaints-based, and communications efforts will include the development of a Good Neighbour Policy. The amendments will only apply to Electoral Areas A and C, with no changes under consideration for Electoral Area B at this time. Previous amendments for STRs in Electoral Area B were contemplated under Amendment Bylaw No. 1608-2019. 

Staff Reports

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