Where are short-term rentals permitted in the SLRD?

Short-term rentals, such as Airbnb, are only permitted in Residential Tourist Accommodation Zones. As such, most areas in the SLRD do not allow for this use.

Short-Term Rentals versus Bed and Breakfast

Residential Tourist Accommodation Zones allow for the use of single-family dwellings for temporary tourist accommodation during periods when such dwellings are not occupied for residential use. 

Bed and breakfast use provides for an accessory use of a single family dwelling where the bed and breakfast is operated by a person or persons whose ordinary and principal residence is within such single family dwelling. Additionally, the bed and breakfast must be located within the single family dwelling, with not more than 4 guest rooms serving a maximum of 8 persons in total. To be clear, bed and breakfast use is not meant to be a turn-key operation and does not provide for short-term rentals.

Note that a dwelling used as a bed and breakfast requires a change of use permit - from a single family dwelling to a single family dwelling with a B&B - to ensure safety requirements set out in the BC Building Code are met. For more information, visit the Bed and Breakfasts in the SLRD page.   

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