Request to Speak at a Meeting

At the SLRD, we welcome community involvement and feedback, so if you'd like to speak at a Board or Committee meeting, you can request to appear as a delegation at the meeting. To do so, you must complete a Request to Appear as a Delegation form and submit it to the Legislative and Corporate Services department at least 6 business days (preferably two weeks) prior to the meeting. 

Alternatively, you can complete the webform below. Please be sure to include the name of the organization you're representing (if any), the purpose of your request, details of your specific request (e.g. letter of support, grant-in-aid, etc.), and a list of any audio-visual equipment that may be required for your presentation (e.g. laptop, projector, stands for display boards, etc.)

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Mailing Address
For example, are you seeking a Letter of Support or a Grant-in-Aid?
For example, will you require a laptop and / or a projector to make your presentation? Stands for display boards? Etc.