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Corporate Administrative Services
Last Name First Name Title Telephone Email
Helmer Melany Chief Administrative Officer 604-894-6371 x231
Campbell Phillipa Project and Research Coordinator 604-894-6371 x234
Clark Kristen Director of Legislative and Corporate Services 604-894-6371 x230
Haywood Graham Senior Project Coordinator 604-894-6371 x229
Klein Nathalie Executive Assistant 604-894-6371 x223
Plotnikoff Lara Administrative Clerk 604-894-6371 x221
Last Name First Name Title Telephone Email
Nadon Jeannette Communications and Engagement Manager 604-894-6371
Westerholm Patricia Communications Coordinator 604-894-6371 x244
Emergency Management
Last Name First Name Title Telephone Email
Morgan Sarah Director of Protective Services 604-698-6442
Fusca Mike Emergency Management Technician 604-356-3082
Last Name First Name Title Telephone Email
Lafrance Suzanne Director of Finance 604-894-6371 x233
Kainth Paul Information Technology Specialist 604-894-6371 x246
Oberson Corinne Finance Revenue Clerk 604-894-6371 x225
Papillon Annie Senior Accountant 604-894-6371 x245
Planning, Development & Building
Last Name First Name Title Telephone Email
Needham Kim Director of Planning and Development 604-894-6371 x242
Allen Lee Bylaw Enforcement Officer 604-894-6371 x228
Dewar Claire Senior Planner 604-894-6371 x235
Koszman Craig Building Inspector 604-894-6371 x247
Koterniak Anna Planning and GIS Technician 604-894-6371 x237
Kyobe David Planner 604-894-6371 x249
MacKay Alix Planner 604-894-6371
McClean Arlene Senior Building Clerk 604-894-6371 x222
McEwen Jay Building Official 604-894-6371 x252
Mitchell Trish Building and Planning Assistant 604-894-6371 x241
Olmstead Steven Senior Planner 604-894-6371 x248
Utilities & Environmental
Last Name First Name Title Telephone Email
Belsham Angela Director of Environmental Services 604-894-6371 x240
Hampshire Veronica Environmental Coordinator 604-894-6371 x238
Leblanc Marie-Lou Resource Recovery Coordinator 604-894-6371 x 236
Macdonald Allison Parks and Trails Coordinator 604-894-6371 x243
Witwicki Ed Senior Utilities Supervisor 604-894-6371 x227