Birken Fire Services - Future Directions Survey

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Submissions for this form are closed.

September 29 Update: The survey is closed. Thank you to all those residents and property owners who took the time to provide feedback and review the presentation. Community feedback has been compiled and SLRD Staff will use the information collected to begin to develop detailed options. Once developed these options will trigger deeper conversation with affected Fire Services, communities and elected officials. Stay tuned for more updates over the winter of 2016-17.

August 29 Update: The deadline to complete the survey has been extended until September 9.  

In May and June 2016, the SLRD held a series of community meetings to engage with property owners in the communities of Birken, Seton Portage/Shalalth, Bralorne and Gun Lake about their fire services.

The meetings were held to share both the recommendations that came out of the 2013 Fire Services Review and the work done to begin implementing many of those recommendations, and to solicit input on the future direction of the local fire service.

A copy of the presentation is available here for those unable to attend the meeting in Birken.

The presentation outlines the various options for the restructuring the volunteer fire departement and protective services for Birken.

This survey is a chance for residents to have a say, as to your preferred option moving ahead.

The decision made will impact your annual taxes, household insurance premiums, and the type of fire protection provided. Let your preference be known.

The numbers below are based on a property assessed at $500,000.

Review the options for future fire service and rank them in your order of preference, with 1. being your most preferred option, and 4. being your least preferred option. (The Options are explained from timecode 22:24 in the presentation.) Please complete the survey by August 31, 2016 September 9, 2016.

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