Local Fire Service Volunteering

Britannia Beach Volunteer Fire Department

One of the greatest challenges for rural fire departments is recruiting and maintaining a required number of active members to meet safety standards and the insurance industry’s requirements. Without that minimum number, there is a risk of losing insurance recognition, or worse, the department itself.

Remember, the service is a volunteer one that property owners agreed to support with taxes and manpower, at referendum, a long time ago.

You don’t need to be in prime physical condition, have a specific skill or have experience with other services – just an interest in learning, participating and being a part of a great team. Training is provided for you and the departments offer a range of opportunities and incentives.

So, if you are male or female, working or retired, young or not-so-young, interested in operating vehicles (or equipment, or radios), or can help with traffic control at an emergency scene, we would love to talk to you. Your support is critical to the fire department’s success and to the effectiveness of your local rural fire service.

Please visit the Fire Services page where you'll find contact information for the Volunteer Fire Department operating near you. 

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