Changes coming to the Pemberton Transfer Station November 1

Oct 06, 2016
Electoral Area C, Village of Pemberton

Tipping fees increased; drywall, mattresses and yard waste will no longer be accepted

The Squamish-Lillooet Regional District (SLRD) Board of Directors has adopted Bylaw No. 1496-2016 cited as “Pemberton Facilities Fees and Charges Regulation Bylaw No. 1299-2013, Amendment Bylaw No. 1494-2016.” The bylaw sees tipping fees updated and adds gypsum board (drywall), mattresses and yard waste to the list of unaccepted materials. The changes will come into effect at the Pemberton Transfer Station, located in the Pemberton Industrial Park, on November 1, 2016.

The increase in tipping fees comes in response to recent fee increases at regional disposal facilities. Gypsum board (drywall), mattresses, and yard waste have also been added to the list of unacceptable items at the transfer station due to safety requirements, excessive operational costs, and space limitations.

“Providing safe disposal facilities for transfer station users and staff is a key concern for the SLRD,” said Jack Crompton, SLRD Board Chair. “And continuing to implement a user pay fee structure on landfill waste supports our Solid Waste and Resource Management Plan goals by creating a direct economic incentive to recycle more and generate less waste.”

Beginning November 1st, residents or contractors wishing to dispose of newer (post-1990) asbestos-free gypsum (drywall) will be directed to the Whistler Transfer Station in the Callaghan Valley. Drywall must be:

  • Date stamped or accompanied by an analytical test indicating that “no trace” of asbestos was found; and
  • Clean of any texture coat or drywall joint compounds.

Residents or contractors, who identify that they are dealing with older waste (pre-1990) asbestos drywall, should review the Province’s Hazardous Waste Regulation or contact an asbestos abatement company to deal with this hazardous material on their behalf. More information related to managing asbestos waste can be found in the Carneys’ asbestos control program brochure.

Mattresses were recently banned at the Squamish Landfill and the cost to collect and transport to a recycler in Vancouver would be significant to users of the Pemberton Transfer Station. As of November 1, patrons needing to dispose of mattresses will be directed to the Whistler Transfer Station in the Callaghan Valley.

Yard waste is currently not accepted at the transfer station; patrons with this material should take it to the Sea-to-Sky Soils facility near Rutherford Creek or to the Whistler Composter at the Whistler Transfer Station in the Callaghan. The addition of yard waste to the list of unacceptable items formalizes this arrangement. Food waste will continue to be accepted at no charge.

The SLRD will continue to observe the impact of these changes and investigate how other jurisdictions handle similar issues while maintaining practical and financially feasible service levels.

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