Special Air Quality statements in effect for all parts of the SLRD

Sep 05, 2017
Affected Communities: 
All Areas

UPDATE: Monday, September 11 (8:00 a.m.): The Special Air Quality Statement for Fraser Canyon (impacting SLRD Areas A and B, District of Lillooet) has ended. 

UPDATE: Friday, September 8 (4:30 p.m.): The Special Air Quality Statement for Fraser Canyon (including SLRD Areas A and B, District of Lillooet) remains in effect. However, the Special Air Quality Statement for Howe Sound (including SLRD Area D; District of Squamish) and Whistler (including SLRD Area C, Village of Pemberton) has ended. Smoke is no longer expected or is moving out of the area. 

Please be advised as of Tuesday, September 5, 2017, the Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Strategy, in collaboration with the Interior Health Authority and / or Vancouver Coastal Health has issued Special Air Quality statements which impact all parts of the SLRD.

These Special Air Quality Statements pertain to the reduced air quality and visibility across the SLRD, due to smoke from wildfires burning in B.C.'s Interior and in Washington state. 

Smoke concentrations are expected to vary widely as winds, fire behaviour and temperatures change. The current advisories in place are expected to remain until there is a change in weather.

Download the Smoky Skies Bulletin

BC Special Air Quality statements

Reduce Your Risk

  • Infants and people with heart or lung conditions may be more sensitive to the effects of smoke, and should watch for the onset of symptoms that may be associated with smoke exposure, including difficulty in breathing, chest pain or discomfort, and sudden onset of cough or irritation of airways. If these symptoms manifest, seek treatment immediately.
  • Reconsider any plans for strenuous outdoor activities, particularly during mid-afternoon and early evening, when ozone levels are the highest.
  • Stay cool and hydrated - drink plenty of fluids. 
  • Reduce indoor pollution sources, such as smoking or burning other materials.
  • For general information about smoke and your health, you can contact HealthLinkBC toll-free 24 hours/day on 8-1-1, or visit their website.

Stay Informed

  • The Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) provides hourly air quality readings, and is available for about 80 percent of B.C. residents (you can view the full list of areas here). The rating is based on the combination of health risks posed by a mixture of pollutants in the air, including particulate matter, ground-level ozone and nitrogen dioxide. The rating then assesses whether the health risk is low, moderate, high or very high. You can check the rating for your area here.
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