Community Notice - Ring Creek (Area D) - No immediate threat due to Mamquam wildfire; forward planning in place

Aug 29, 2017
Affected Communities: 
Electoral Area D

Update: Wednesday, August 30 (11:00 a.m.) - BC Wildfire Service is reporting that the Mamquam wildfire is now 100% contained. Full resources will remain on-site today and tomorrow. Thank you to the crews working so hard to fight this fire. 

Update: Tuesday, August 29 (4:30 p.m.) - BC Wildfire Service is reporting that the Mamquam wildfire is now 75% contained. 

The BC Wildfire Service is responding to a small (approximately 3 hectare) wildfire burning in a cutblock near KM13 of the Mamquam Forest Service Road. As of 11:00 a.m. on Tuesday, August 29, the fire is 60% contained. Learn more here. 

The fire is estimated to be about 3.75 km from the Ring Creek community in SLRD Area D.

Given the proximity of the fire to the Ring Creek community and the community's limited access and heavily wooded location, the SLRD is monitoring this situation closely with the BC Wildfire Service (Coastal Fire Centre), which is the lead agency in this type of emergency response. The SLRD institutes evacuation alerts and orders based on the recommendations of the BC Wildfire Service. 

Currently, there is no recommendation for an evacuation alert, which would be issued when there is even a conservative estimate of the possibility of a fire moving toward residential structures or isolating the community. 

Be Evacuation Ready

Should the BC Wildfire Service recommend to the SLRD that an evacuation alert be issued, the Evacuation Alert would be communicated through SLRD Alert, the SLRD's free, subscription-based emergency notification service, as well as through our website, social media and local media channels. The Evacuation Alert notice may also be delivered to each impacted household.

If an Evacuation Alert is issued for your neighbourhood, you do not need to leave your home, but you must get ready to leave.The Evacuation Alert would include information regarding how to prepare for evacuation and what to take, and the BC Wildfire Service website also offers some great resources to help you Get prepared in high-risk communities.

If an Evacuation Order is issued, it would be delivered in person to each household within the impacted community by first responders. Given the limited access nature of Ring Creek, an Evacuation Order may be due to a direct threat from the fire, or due to the indirect threat of the fire cutting off the one evacuation route. 

By way of example, the SLRD recently evacuated the communities of Pear and Kelly Lakes in SLRD Area B due to the fact that their only access route was threatened by the wildfire. The SLRD was in direct contact with the evacuated residents to keep them updated until they could return home. The communities remained on Alert for three weeks following the lifting of the Evacuation Order, until the BC Wildfire Service was satisfied that this threat of access being cut off was no longer a concern.  

Evacuated residents would be directed to register at an identified Reception / Registration Centre, and if they need further assistance, this would also be the place where they could be connected with other support services. 

Learn more about Evacuation Alerts and Evacuation Orders 

Reducing the risk of wildland interface fires

The SLRD Emergency Program is working actively with a number of communities within the SLRD who are concerned about wildland interface fire hazard on becoming recognized FireSmart communities. We have trained FireSmart assessors and can meet with community representatives to discuss what can be done to mitigate the risk from wildland interface fires.







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