EVACUATION ORDER RESCINDED for Pavilion and West Pavilion Area - Alert remains in effect

Jul 09, 2021
Affected Communities: 
Electoral Area B

July 9, 2021 effective 1300 hrs
The Evacuation Orders, pursuant to Section 12 (1) of the BC Emergency Program Act issued at 2130 hrs on June 29th 2021 and 2130 hrs on July 1st 2021 to the following areas have been rescinded and an Evacuation ALERT remains in effect:

  • West Pavilion Road from the 14 km mark to the SLRD border with Thompson-Nicola
  • Regional District
  • Pavilion-Clinton Road, between Hwy 99 and the Thompson-Nicola Regional District
  • Carson Ranch Road
  • Pearl Lake Road
  • Shinta Road
  • Pavillion Ferry Road
  • All other properties as outlined on the attached map.

An Evacuation ALERT for this area REMAINS IN EFFECT.

An Evacuation Order may need to be reissued; however, if that is deemed necessary, the
Evacuation Order process will re-commence.


  • Be aware that BCWFS crew will be in and around structures finishing demobilization of equipment so please be careful
  • Fill the gas tank of personal vehicles
  • Bring a minimum of three days of food and essential supplies (e.g. medications, pet supplies) with you as local grocery stores may not yet have adequate stock
  • If your animals or livestock have been relocated, wait until the Evacuation ALERT is lifted before you coordinate their safe return


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