SLRD continues to monitor conditions in Electoral Area C

Jun 23, 2022
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SLRD Emergency Operations Centre and BC River Centre continues to monitor snowpack and stream flow with no advisories currently in place.

As the warmer weather finally arrives, SLRD Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) staff are monitoring for any impacts from the delayed melt of the snowpack at higher levels.

At this time, the BC River Forecast Centre has not issued any high streamflow advisories for rivers in the SLRD, and river levels are not forecast to be higher than 1 to 2-year return period flows in the next five days.

Yesterday, the SLRD did receive a number of reports of Neff Creek in Electoral Area C running 'chocolate milk' colour with debris and sediment.

An aerial survey with a geotechnical scientist conducted this morning showed no cause for concern in terms of a debris flow or landslide event. The colour of the water is a result of material being mobilized by snowmelt. Creek flows are not obstructed and appear to now be running clear.

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure continues to monitor road areas that experienced impacts during the atmospheric river events of last year.

The SRLD will continue to monitor conditions and update further, as necessary.

As per usual process, if the situation changes, we will post updates on Facebook, Twitter, and the SLRD website.

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