Community Notice - Seton Portage Fire Services

Aug 08, 2019
Affected Communities: 
Electoral Area B

The Seton Valley Volunteer Firefighters' Society operates the Seton Valley Volunteer Fire Department under authority of the Seton Portage/ Shalath Fire Protection Financial Contribution Service Establishing Bylaw No. 480, 1992.

The Seton Valley Volunteer Fire Chief, in consultation with the SLRD, has temporarily closed the fire department. The closure is necessary until essential protective equipment and operating processes are brought up to a standard for safe fire response and in line with current Workers' Compensation Board (WCB) standards.

It is important to note that fire services remain in place for Seton Portage residents during this closure. There is a temporary service agreement in place, with the Tsal'alh Chief and Council, for the Seton Lake Volunteer Fire Department to respond if there is a call for service.

For more information, please contaact:

Sarah Morgan
SLRD Emergency Program Manager

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