COVID-19: Message from SLRD Board Chair June 11, 2020

Jun 11, 2020
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B.C. has done really well dealing with the COVID-19 crisis and we are now seeing a relaxation of restrictions that were put in place three months ago. We are expanding our bubbles and getting back to some of the activities that we enjoyed when life was ‘normal’ but as Dr Bonnie Henry steadily reminds us, we are not yet free of this virus. Pandemics don’t recognize borders and the interconnectedness of our world has never been more apparent. She invites us to be alert to the probability that there will be a second wave in the Fall or early winter, so how will we deal with that when it arrives?

We need to enjoy the summer, enjoy the freedom of the open air, the trails, the beaches, the mountains but we should do so with the virus in mind. We have become used to physical distancing so let’s continue this practice while we get out into the outdoors. If we do this, then in the Fall, if there is a second wave and restrictions are put in place again, it won’t be too difficult for us to accommodate them.

While the Province is opening up and people are getting back to work, many of our friends and neighbours are not in a good position with regards to essentials like rent, food, medications, and childcare. The appeals for donations and support will continue because the need will not suddenly go away. The Federal and Provincial governments will continue to provide some assistance but in our own communities let’s consider how we can support those who are less fortunate, who have been more impacted, whether with a cash donation or the contribution of volunteer time.  

Finally, as the nursery rhyme asks, “Mary - how does your garden grow?” This is the right time to be thinking of tomatoes, lettuce, zucchini and other easy-to-grow vegetables. Or what about berries later in the year? You don’t even have to practice agriculture - just be a gatherer and then freeze or can or make jam with a free resource by being responsive to what’s in season. It’s a question that can serve us well, whatever the future might hold: how can we respond to what the season holds, and build our capacity and resilience?


Tony Rainbow

Chair, Squamish-Lillooet Regional District

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