Evacuation Order Maintained for Reid Road Properties

Feb 24, 2022
Affected Communities: 
Electoral Area C

The Squamish-Lillooet Regional District (SLRD) will maintain the Evacuation Order for eight properties at Jason Creek on Reid Road until a detailed risk assessment can be completed, upon receiving the results of a peer review of the geotechnical survey and initial risk assessment by Cordilleran Geoscience.

The new report, by BGC Engineering Inc. supports the findings of Cordilleran Geoscience (December 13, 2021) and also offers a number of initial risk mitigation options with initial cost estimates.

Consistent with the initial report, it also calls for a more detailed study to determine if it is safe for the residents of properties in the mid-lower fan area of the evacuation order to return home. Both reports are currently based on limited, initial assessment information and historical data and so are consequently limited in how definitive they can be at this stage about tolerable or intolerable life safety risk based on generally accepted risk tolerance standards.

The SLRD does not take the decision to maintain the Evacuation Order lightly and the serious impact on the affected residents is recognised. The potential for loss of life cannot be ignored and until the SLRD has clear professional advice that this risk is reduced to tolerable levels, we cannot at this time lift the evacuation order.

The next intended steps are to get the funding for the detailed risk assessment, to push EMBC for a commitment to 12 months of accommodation support at a realistic rental rate for the area, and to set a date in March to have a community meeting to provide an opportunity to ask questions directly of the SLRD, the geotechnical report authors, and ideally also relevant ministry representatives from Emergency Management BC and the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.

Hazard Overview:

The Jason Creek watershed is prone to landslide activity, debris flow and erosion, and in particular the upper fan of Jason Creek is now vulnerable to a further, and highly destructive landslide event that could result in severe property damage and the potential for injury and loss of life. Instability at higher elevations has been assessed as increasing in size, creating an imminent hazard of a landslide, affecting the identified properties on Reid Road. These homes are now evacuated.

Residents with questions can contact the SLRD office:

BGC Jason Creek Assessment Report

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