Exercise Caution: wind-damaged Anderson Lake dock now closed

Dec 08, 2016
Affected Communities: 
Electoral Area C

Arctic outflows can be good for lakes, especially if you're sharpening your skates in anticipation of a session of pond hockey. Unfortunately, the recent spate of cold windy weather took a toll on the aging dock on the east side of Anderson Lake, blowing it sideways until the ramp and float broke.

The east side dock is now closed until further notice. Please do not attempt to use it.

The SLRD has issued a tender for the replacement of the Anderson Lake docks - the RFP (which was re-issued in November) is due January 9, 2017 and has generated an encouraging number of responses.

Given that the SLRD is planning to replace both docks and the boat launch in early 2017, funds will not be used at this time for a temporary repair of the damaged dock.

Caution tape is being installed today. Please stay off the dock. You can use the recently repaired west side dock, instead.

Photos from the damaged dock, Wednesday 7 December, 2016, courtesy Allison Macdonald/SLRD.

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