Update: Reid Road - Electoral Area C

Dec 13, 2021
Affected Communities: 
Electoral Area C

UPDATE: December 13, 2021 5:30 p.m.

Due to a change in risk of further debris flows from Jason Creek, an Evacuation Order was again issued over the weekend, now covering nine properties.

The SLRD does not anticipate the Order area to grow at this time, but the wider community remains on Evacuation Alert due to the additional risk of residents becoming isolated if Reid Road is again washed out and winter conditions on the McKenzie Basin FSR don’t provide reliable or safe access to and from home for residents.

At this time the Geotech recommendation is to keep the evacuation Order in place until the elevated risk can be mitigated.  

  • The Geotech spent additional assessment time on site over the weekend, and these latest findings are being added to his draft report, which we expect to be finalized in the next couple of days. We expected to be able to share this report sooner, but the situation has remained very dynamic with multiple events occurring along the Jason Creek system.
  • We will be looking to provide a copy of the Geotech report directly to residents on Evacuation Order as those most affected, and to share it more widely as a priority to for all residents in the community.
  • At the Geotech’s recommendation, and in line with best practice, the SLRD is also arranging a peer review (second opinion) on the report by a geotechnical engineering firm with substantial experience in BC and in the SLRD. In addition, the scope of work for this second report will include the potential for, and recommendations on, structural mitigation with the intention of protecting all affected residents along the creek system (i.e. not options that may lower risk for some and increase it for others). We would not expect to have this second report before the end of January at the earliest, but have requested the work to be completed urgently.
  • For residents currently under evacuation Order and receiving ESS support, this support is extended until Wednesday morning, BUT will then transition from the Provincial supports provided through ESS to additional support through the Canadian Red Cross. The Red Cross is already engaged for delivering on the ESS support, so this should be a seamless transition for those evacuated.
  • We expect that because it will take time to understand what the long-term options are for risk reduction, that additional evacuated residents may need to reach out for support, and we encourage them to do so by contacting the Canadian Red Cross 24/7 Duty Officer line at 1-888-800-6493.

We are very conscious of getting evacuated households through the next few weeks as the most immediate concern, so that people know where they will be through that time, and then working on the longer term plan for evacuated residents in parallel with the geotechnical reports, structural mitigation options and conversations with the community about the way forward on those aspects.

We felt so hopeful when we were able to lift the Order last week and Reid Road reopened, and it's terrible to see people once again out of their homes. We will continue to do everything we can in support.

UPDATE: December 9, 2021 5:24 p.m.

The SLRD has been advised by Miller Capilano that Reid Road is open to the public. 

The damaged culvert has been replaced. Work is not quite complete; the site is a construction zone and will have a gravel surface in place until it can be paved in the spring.

UPDATE: December 8, 2021 4:35 p.m.

Road repair work was not completed today (Wednesday, December 7, 2021) but is expected to be completed tomorrow (Thursday). The SLRD anticipates being able to lift the evacuation order once the road work is complete and the road has re-opened.

UPDATE: December 6, 2021 4:40 p.m.

Reid Road repair works are anticipated to be completed by end of day Wednesday (December 7, 2021). IF this target is met and the road is re-opened, the SLRD anticipates being able to lift the evacuation order soon after, on Wednesday evening. 

The McKenzie Forest Service Road was ploughed today, but still remains challenging for access, and we do not wish to lift the evacuation order completely until there is reliable emergency access and egress.

UPDATE: December 6, 2021 11:30 a.m.

The SLRD is aware that the McKenzie FSR is essentially closed currently due to its current condition after the snowfall last night and some traffic over it this morning. 

With Reid Road closed, this also effectively means that residents are isolated in their homes, or isolated from their homes if they have traveled out prior to these conditions. 

We have requested that the FSR be ploughed as a priority, but this may still be later today rather than this morning. 

The new culvert for Reid Road is expected on site tomorrow, having also been delayed by the ongoing impacts of the storms. MoTI and their contractor have confirmed that this is a priority and are seeking to get the road reopened with urgency. They cannot commence the work until the culvert arrives, and a further temporary repair to cap the road quickly is not possible as the entire old culvert is now destroyed. 

The SLRD is working the fine line between keeping people in their homes rather than a wider evacuation, which seems to be the clear preference of residents, and life safety considerations and access to essential supplies. We reiterate that residents with any immediate life safety concerns should call 9-1-1. 

UPDATE: December 6, 2021

Overnight snowfall is complicating the current issues with Reid Road.

The SLRD has requested that the McKenzie FSR be ploughed as a priority to maintain resident access, though even ploughed, it may be difficult to navigate in anything other than 4WD.

Miller Capilano finished clearing the substantial debris plug in Jason Creek upstream of Reid Road over the weekend.

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure advised that the new culvert was due to be installed and road repaired over Monday and Tuesday, but the snow will slow this work as all Miller Capilano crews are diverted to snow clearing on highways and main roads.

The SLRD will maintain the Evacuation Order for the 12 affected properties, because if any residents cannot get home, lifting the Order also withdraws emergency support services to those households.

Repair and re-opening of Reid Road is a priority and the SLRD will remain in contact with MoTI and Miler Capilano for further updates.

UPDATE: December 3, 2021

There have been three debris flow /debris flood events on Jason Creek since November 15, and the last event on the night of December 1 was apparently the largest to date.

The SLRD Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) is coordinating with MFLNRORD, MoTI and EMBC on emergency response activity such as grading the FSR to facilitate resident access and emergency evacuation if further action is required.

Pierre Friele, Professional Geoscientist, has surveyed the creek system from the ground and air, and will be providing his written report around mid next week.

  • Today, MoTI contractor is on site with an environmental monitor and with a spotter in place for safety purposes, to remove the large plug of debris upstream of Reid Road and diverting water from the original channel of Jason Creek.
  • There is further debris available to come down from the upper reaches of the creek and this will be a long term hazard management issue, with mitigation options, once known, to be considered by the community and SLRD Board.  
  • There will be security on site at Reid Road from today (Friday afternoon, through to Sunday) to monitor evacuated properties from a crime prevention perspective while properties are vacated.
  • We anticipate that the Evacuation Order currently in place for 13 properties, will remain in place over the weekend as the situation is still stabilising. Although there is no heavy rain in the near term forecast, there can still be further upstream debris movement.
  • As the Village of Pemberton Flood Risk has receded, some evacuated residents being supported with accommodation through Emergency Support Services, may be moved to Pemberton area accommodation, closer to the Reid Road community.

We would like to hear from all residents who have experienced property or water / septic system impacts. (Ministry of Health bulletin) so that we can connect you to all available supports.

  • The SLRD building inspector is on site at Reid Road today to conduct Rapid Damage Assessment, and if required for any properties, this will be followed up with a detailed assessment by a Structural Engineer.

We anticipate a further update later today or on Saturday once we know the result of the upstream works, which may take more than one day in the current conditions.

Residents can contact the SLRD office at 604-894-6371 or info@slrd.bc.ca 

REID ROAD (Electoral Area C) residents tactically evacuated in the evening of December 1, 2021, by the RCMP and Pemberton Fire Rescue requiring emergency assistance, please call: 1-855-736-2121 to register (leave your name and number to receive a call back).

Emergency Accommodation for evacuees is available at: Hilton Whistler hotel: 4050 Whistler Way.

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