Upgrade to Meetings Section of the SLRD Website

Mar 01, 2022
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The meetings section of the SLRD website has been upgraded, to improve functionality and access to information. Changes are in effect from March 1, 2022 onward. 

While the new meetings section of the website will have a slightly different look and feel, the information remains the same, with improvements to navigation and an enhanced search function for minutes and agendas. The new meeting section (the "SLRD Portal") will continue to be accessed through the Meetings “quick link” on the SLRD website homepage.

All official Board and committee meetings, along with public hearings, will be scheduled and posted through the SLRD portal, moving forward. The SLRD portal provides access to meeting agendas, minutes and calendars along with a quick link to watch the meetings (livestream or recorded).

This change will result in efficiencies to both internal and external users of the SLRD website. Internally, the SLRD Portal improves the administration process of posting and updating meeting minutes and agendas. The new SLRD Portal will house all meeting and agenda information in one location, making navigation more streamlined and user-friendly.

The easy-to-navigate site features an intuitive layout, making it easier to locate recent, current and upcoming meeting information. The new system also provides for improved access to archived minutes and agendas, with improved search function.

Visit the SLRD Portal, the new meetings section of the website:

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Inside the SLRD > Notices > Other Notices > Upgrade to Meetings Section of the SLRD Website