Farm & Ranch Wildfire Preparedness Workshops in Pemberton and Lillooet - May 2-3

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Join us for an interactive workshop highlighting wildfire risks to agricultural operations in the SLRD. Learn from experts on how to protect your property, livestock, and crops in the event of a wildfire emergency.

This in-person event will provide valuable information and resources to help you safeguard your livelihood. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your wildfire readiness! Refreshments will be provided.

Learn about:

  • Historical context and behaviour patterns of wildfires in the region
  • Steps to develop a Farm/Ranch Wildfire Preparedness Plan, including operational maps for planning, livestock inventories and water resources
  • Key considerations for risk reduction on agricultural properties, such as reducing combustibles, using fire-resistant materials, including best practices unique to agriculture
  • Overview of legal considerations and best practices for safe and responsible burning in agricultural settings.
  • Emergency response procedures and evacuation planning specific to farm employees, visitors, and livestock.
  • Guidance on post-wildfire recovery efforts, including damage assessment and rebuilding strategies.
  • Resources and tools available to aid in wildfire planning and preparation for agricultural properties.
  • Engage in interactive discussion and seek clarification on workshop topics through a dedicated Q & A session with the BC Wildfire Service, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food and the SLRD Protective Services team. 

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