Bralorne Sewer Information Meeting, January 5, 2017, 6pm

Jan 05, 2017
Affected Communities: 
Electoral Area A

The SLRD will hold an information session on January 5, 2017, at 6pm in the basement of the Bralorne Church in Bralorne BC, to update residents on the Bralorne Sewer project.

Conference Call option

If you are unable to attend in person, you can dial-in via conference call using the most appropriate number for the location you're calling from, below, then entering the Participant Access code:

* Dial-in Number: 604 899 2339

* Dial-in Number: 403 232 0994

* Dial-in Number: 780 421 1483

* Dial-in Number: 416 883 0133

* Dial-in Number: 613 212 4220

* Dial-in Number: 514 395 9913

* Dial-in Number: 1 877 385 4099

* Participant Conference Access code: 7007358 #


A $1,999,530.000 grant announced in February, 2016, will bring Bralorne’s century old sewer into the 21st century. (See here for the Project background.) The detailed design of the new sewerage collection and treatment system is now mostly complete.

The sewer system reconstruction project will connect and combine the sanitary sewer systems for Bralorne Town site #1 and Town site #2, construct the new sewer mains in the road Right of Way as much as possible, provide each property with a new sanitary sewer service at property line, provide adequate waste water treatment to satisfy the MOE operating permit requirements, and construct a new outfall to Cadwallader Creek.

Property owners were mailed an update and a service card this week, delineating the proposed location of the new service for their property. Please contact Stuart Purves,, with questions, or if you have not received a letter before December 16. 

Property owners are asked to review their service card, on receipt, and mark up and return one of the copies, if they are able to provide more accurate information about the existing service location, or if they would prefer the service to be in a different location along the same property boundary to better suit their on-site plumbing.

In some instances, the proposed service will be on the opposite side of a property from the existing service. That may necessitate some interior or onsite plumbing to tie in to the service.


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