Clarification regarding Area C Zoning & OCP Bylaws (Public Hearing set for September 13)

Sep 07, 2017
Affected Communities: 
Electoral Area C

The SLRD has become aware of some concerns around the proposed new Electoral Area C Official Community Plan (OCP) and Zoning Bylaws.

We hope the following information helps to clarify some of these concerns. Please note, if you have any comments, questions or concerns regarding the proposed bylaws, please contact the SLRD Planning Department directly at

A Public Hearing to discuss these matters will be held on Wednesday, September 13, 2017 at 7pm in the SLRD Boardroom (1350 Aster Street, Pemberton).

Birken and D'Arcy areas

Please note, there are very few major changes to these areas. While the zone names might be changing, the majority of the zoning remains the same. Many of these changes are more cosmetic than substantial.

The existing RR1 zone in Bylaw No. 765 has several subzones within it including RR1RES, RR1RES(SD), and RR1RM. The proposed Bylaw No. 1485 has RR1, RR2 and RRM zones that were created to replace the subzones and clean up the existing RR1 zone text. 

In general, although not necessarily in all cases, properties zoned:

  • RR1RES and RR1RES(SD) under Bylaw No. 765 become RR1 under Bylaw No. 1485
  • RR1 under Bylaw No. 765 become RR2 under Bylaw No. 1485
  • RR1RM under Bylaw No. 765 become RRM under Bylaw No. 1485

The proposed RR2 zone is substantially similar to the existing RR1 zone, with the exception of campgrounds and golf courses being removed as permitted uses, because they are potentially disruptive and are better dealt with through a rezoning application process. 

Please note, you can always contact the SLRD Planning Department to verify what the current zoning for your property is, or what the proposed zoning would be.

Short-Term Rentals

Please note, short-term rentals have never been a permitted use in Area C, with two exceptions:

  • If a property is zoned for a Bed & Breakfast use and is compliant with the B&B regulations, OR;
  • If the property is zoned for tourist commercial use 

More information on short-term rentals can be found here.

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