D’Arcy Water System Chlorination Treatment of Water Main - September 12, 2023

Sep 07, 2023
Affected Communities: 
Electoral Area C

The D’Arcy Water System utilizes an untreated well water source. To have the SLRD continue to provide safe non-chlorinated potable water, the distribution system must undergo a routine chlorination treatment to disinfect the pipes. This will ensure the pipes are free of any algae growth and that the water supply remains safe to drink.

Disinfection with a regulated amount of high concentration chlorine will occur: 

Tuesday September 12, 2023 9 AM – 5 PM

The water system will be offline and it is very important that residents DO NOT use any water during this time.

  • The chlorinated water will sit in the pipes for 2 hours and will then be flushed from the system through the lawn hydrants. The water will be de-chlorinated as it is flushed so there will be no damage to lawns, creeks or lake.
  • Outdoor curb stops at each residence will be turned off so you will not have water till after all chlorine is flushed from system so please leave taps off until notified flushing is complete.
  • When chlorine flushing complete, please run all inside taps for 5-10 minutes to flush remainder of chlorinated water through the interior pipes.
  • You may notice a chlorine odour in your water for a couple of days but this odour will dissipate.
  • Following the flushing, samples will be collected and sent to Vancouver Coastal Health for analysis.
  • Please contact Ed Witwicki, Senior Engineering Technologist, at 604-894-6371 ext. 227, if you have any questions regarding this Notice.
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