Let's Talk Trash, Lillooet!

Status Updates
  • SWRMP will go the SLRD Board for approval early in 2016
Dec 16, 2015
District of Lillooet, Electoral Area A, Electoral Area B

In the Summer of 2015 the SLRD's Utilities and Environmental Services team took the 2015 draft Solid Waste and Resources Management Plan (SWRMP) on the road!

The "Let's Talk Trash" tour kicked off on June 20 at the Lillooet Landfill.

Let's Talk Trash Open House

Area A, B and Lillooet residents were invited to talk trash on Saturday, June 20 from 11:30am to 1:30pm. 

The open house included:

  • free barbeque,
  • site tours of the new composting facility (at noon and 1pm),
  • a chance to talk with on-site experts about what can be recycled locally and what happens to materials after they are dropped off.

Residents of Electoral Areas A and B and Lillooet were invited to share feedback on proposed initiatives, including:

  • Establishing a Re-Build-It Centre at the Lillooet Landfill for used building materials;
  • Assessing the provision of residential curbside recycling and yard waste collection for Lillooet;
  • Implementing a region-wide campaign to reduce food waste;
  • Developing a region-wide strategy to tackle illegal dumping;
  • Enforcing bylaw requirements for commercial waste containers to be bear-proof; and
  • Increasing awareness of return opportunities for products and packaging covered by a stewardship program.

Two years in the making, the draft SWRMP Plan is the blueprint for how the region will manage waste and resources for the next 10 years.

The Plan proposes reducing landfill-bound waste by one-third (from 525 kg per capita to 350 kg per capita) by 2020. Organics currently comprise around 40% of all waste produced in the region, so the Plan also aims to ensure that 75% of the SLRD population will have easy access to organics recycling by 2020.

The feedback from the Open houses will be complied and used to guide the long term planning and goals for the updated Solid Waste and Resource Management (SWRMP). The SLRD anticpates the SWRMP to be adopted early in 2016.


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