RGS Review Consultation

The RGS Steering Committee has been working hard to review and revise the SLRD Regional Growth Strategy (RGS). Revisions and content development largely reflect member municipality and SLRD Official Community Plan objectives and policies as well as other community plans such as agricultural plans, climate action plans, transportation plans, etc. The RGS is a high-level, long-term strategy to support collaboration across jurisdictions. The purpose of a regional growth strategy under the Local Government Act is to "promote human settlement that is socially, economically, and environmentally healthy and that makes efficient use of public facilities and services, land and other resources."

As a government to government document, input has been received from affected local governments (11 regional districts and municipalities) and an Intergovernmental Advisory Committee (17 ministries and agencies as appointed by the Province).

We are now entering into the Adopt phase of the RGS Review, with a focus on public engagement on the draft bylaw, referrals, and the formal bylaw adoption process. The SLRD is hosted community Open Houses in each member municipality in June 2018.

Input recieved informed the RGS Amendment Bylaw 1562-2018 Second Reading DRAFT

Online channels are also available to provide input. Check out where we are at and what is coming up: 


Want to learn more about the RGS and the RGS Review? Check out these presentations: 

RGS 101 Presentation
RGS Review Presentation

Do you have ideas or input to provide on the RGS Review? We want to hear from you – email cdaniels@slrd.bc.ca 

Consultation during the RGS Review will not be as extensive as was undertaken during the initial development of the SLRD RGS, as the scope of the review is much narrower, with the main intention to improve process and content rather than make significant changes. The bulk of the consultation will follow the requirements set out in the LGA and will involve Affected Local Governments and the RGS Steering Committee/Intergovernmental Advisory Committee (IAC). 

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