RGS Review Consultation

The SLRD hosted an Elected Official’s Forum on June 9, 2016 to kick-off the Regional Growth Strategy (RGS) Review. The purpose of the kick-off event was to establish a collaborative understanding amongst all the member municipalities (their respective Elected Officials, CAO and Planning staff) and the SLRD (Board of Directors, CAO and Planning staff) at the outset of the RGS Review which is intended to support an effective, efficient and productive review process. Two additional Elected Officials Forums were held in November and December of 2016 that focused on Growth Management and Affordable Housing.

Information gathered at the Elected Officials Forums will inform the RGS Review process, including the legislated consultation and referral processes, as per the Local Government Act and SLRD RGS Review Consultation Plan.

RGS 101 Presentation
RGS Review Presentation

Areas to address through the RGS Review include:

  • Minor Amendment Criteria and Process
  • Implementation
  • Growth Management – Goal 1
  • Waste Management
  • Transportation
  • Food & Agriculture
  • Climate Change
  • First Nations Relations

Do you have ideas or input to provide related to these areas? We want to hear from you – email cdaniels@slrd.bc.ca 

The process has just begun; engagement opportunities will occur throughout the RGS Review process.
For more information, see the RGS Review Consultation Plan.


Consultation during the RGS Review will not be as extensive as was undertaken during the initial development of the SLRD RGS, as the scope of the review is much narrower, with the main intention to improve process and content rather than make significant changes. The bulk of the consultation will follow the requirements set out in the LGA and will involve Affected Local Governments and the RGS Steering Committee/Intergovernmental Advisory Committee (IAC). 

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