Building Permit Fees

The cost of the building permit fee is calculated at the plan check stage by the Building Inspector based on the construction value.  The application processing fee is:

  • $2,030 for a single family dwelling and applications with a construction value in excess of $200,000.00
  • $530 for all other applications
  • $1,030 for a transfer of ownership

Included in amounts quoted is a non-refundable Title Search Fee of $30.  The non-refundable application processing fee quoted above is deducted from the final building permit fee.

For more information on building permit fees, visit Appendix A - Building Permit Fees.

**Please be advised that fee payments must be prearranged. We accept cash, cheque or money order for all fees**.  An online banking option is also available to pay fees.  For more information, please contact the building department at 604.894.6371 Extension #241 or email

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