9669 Pemberton Portage Road Zoning Amendment Application

Applicable Communities
Electoral Area C

The zoning amendment application is to reduce the minimum parcel size to 1 hectare, thereby facilitating subdivision of the property into 9 parcels. The following SLRD Board Policies will apply: Proof of Water, Park Dedication and Community Amenity Contributions. 

Current Status

A public hearing took place on February 1, 2022. A recording of the Public Hearing is available on the SLRD website here. Amendment Bylaw No. 1705-2021 was given third reading at the February 23, 2022 SLRD Board meeting and MOTI Approval recieved March 2, 2022.

Amendment Bylaw 1705-2021 was adopted at the March 30, 2022 SLRD Board meeting. 

Staff Reports

Professional Reports

Proposed Strata Plan
Proof of Water - Quantity 
Proof of Water - Quality 
Riparian Assessment

Permit/Application type
Lot A
PL KAD 92970
District Lot
DL 5024
Land District
Parcel Identifier