ALC Non-Farm Use Application - North Arm Farm - Additional Commercial Weddings

Applicable Communities
Electoral Area C

The Squamish-Lillooet Regional District (SLRD) received an ALC Non-Farm Use Application (55184) on April 24, 2017 proposing a non-farm use on 1888 Sea to Sky Highway for increasing the number of wedding events to be held on the property from 10 to 25.  

Subject Property:  DISTRICT LOT 214, LILLOOET LAND DISTRICT.  PID 012-595-756

The applicants’ proposal requests that the property be allowed to increase the number of wedding events held per year from 10 to 25.  Each of the proposed 25 events would be limited to the maximum of 150 people as currently permitted for the 10 events in the gathering for an event regulations in the ALR.  The ALR regulations were amended by the Province at the end of July 2016 to include the new non-farm gathering for an event use.  That land use allows a property that has farm status under the BC Assessment Act, and meets the other Provincial and Local Government regulations, to hold up to 10 commercial events, such as weddings, per year.

ALC Non-Farm Use Application
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Staff Reports

The following staff reports provide an update on the application:


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