Boulder Creek Operator Residence

Applicable Communities
Electoral Area C
Village of Pemberton
Permit/Application type
Zoning/OCP Amendment Application
District Lot

The SLRD received a zoning amendment application for an operator residence facility for employees of the Boulder Creek and Upper Lillooet River Hydroelectric Facilities at 15002 Upper Lillooet River Forest Service Road. The current operator residence facilities have been operating on a temporary basis, and the location has presented challenges for access and safety reasons. The land at the proposed new site is not currently in use, but the area was previously used for a temporary construction camp during the construction of the Upper Lillooet River and Boulder Creek Hydroelectric facilities. The area was reclaimed following decommissioning of the temporary camp. Amendment Bylaw No. 1850-2024 proposes to rezone the subject parcel from Rural Residential 1 Zone (Resource Management Subzone) (RR1(RM)) to RR8 – Boulder Creek Operator Residence – a site specific new zone providing for employee housing for up to 20 persons on a 6.78-hectare parcel. Site servicing, including electricity, water and septic, is already in place.

The current RR1(RM) Zone provides for temporary construction camp use, but does not provide for long-term employee housing. The proponent has submitted an application to the Ministry of Forests for a Crown Land Tenure on the subject parcel to provide for the employee housing/operator residence for the operational life of the hydroelectric facilities (more than 30 years). The SLRD Zoning Amendment application and Ministry of Forests Crown Land Tenure application are being processed concurrently, with adoption of Amendment Bylaw 1850-2024 being contingent on the Crown Land Tenure.

Current Status

The SLRD Board gave second and third reading of Amendment Bylaw 1850-2024 at the June 26, 2024 SLRD Board meeting. 

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