Lil'wat Main Street Development - Zoning and OCP Amendment Application

Dec 5, 2022
Zoning/OCP Amendment Application
  • Electoral Area C
  • Village of Pemberton

The intent of this application is to rezone the parcels to allow for a Village type mixed use commercial and residential development, consisting of two separate buildings linked by a covered walkway. The residential development will include affordable housing units, sponsored by BC Housing. The current Community Commercial Zoning and Commercial OCP Designation does not provide for residential development, and thus the need for a Zoning and OCP amendment application. The Zoning and OCP Amendment Applications are being processed concurrently.

Current Status

Squamish-Lillooet Regional District Electoral Area C Zoning Bylaw No. 765, 2002, Amendment Bylaw No. 1697-2020 and Squamish-Lillooet Regional District Electoral Area C Official Community Plan Adoption Bylaw No. 689, 1999, Amendment Bylaw No. 1698-2020 recieved second reading at the April 20, 2022 SLRD Board meeting. A public hearing was held on May 17, 2022 at 4pm - see Zoom Recording and Staff Presentation for details. 

The SLRD Board gave third reading of the Amendment Bylaws at the June 29, 2022 SLRD Board meeting. Staff have initiated the MOTI referral for approval. The Amendment Bylaws are tentatively scheduled to go to the January 2023 SLRD Board meeting for consideration of adoption. 

Staff Reports

Public Information Meeting

February 17, 2022
Hosted by Lil'wat Capital Assets Inc.
Presentation Slides and Zoom Recording

Professional Reports

Site Drawing Package
Design Principles
Initial Environmental Review
Geotechnical Assessment
Hydrological Study

Additional Reports Requested by Referral Agencies: 
Updated Site Plan
Water Servicing Report
Sewerage Servicing Report 
Traffic Impact Assessment 
Stormwater/Drainage Management Plan

New Information:
Pemberton Valley Dyking District Referral Response

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