RGS Amendment (Growth Management text amendments)

Feb 28, 2018
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Purpose of the Amendment Bylaw
The SLRD has initiated an amendment of the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District Regional Growth Strategy Bylaw No. 1062, 2008 to address specific text amendments in support of the SLRD Regional Growth Strategy (RGS) Goal 1: Focus Development into Compact, Complete, Sustainable Communities - specifically to:

  • Replace the first bullet under Strategic Direction 1.1 a) with: Direct growth and settlement development towards Member Municipalities and existing SLRD Master Planned Communities.
  • Amend the Master-Planned Communities land use designation description by replacing the phrase “Significant future growth will be accommodated in these communities” with:
    • For existing SLRD master planned communities, further growth is not supported beyond what is currently contemplated in SLRD Official Community Plans (OCPs) and what is specified in the SLRD Regional Growth Strategy (RGS). Zoning and OCP amendments that propose to increase density or area of existing SLRD master planned communities are not supported.
    • New master planned communities and/or urban areas are not supported outside of the established settlement areas.
  • Remove the Destination Resort language found on pages 24-26 of the RGS Bylaw.

As per s. 434 of the Local Government Act, the SLRD Board adopted a consultation plan and determined the consultation plan should include the holding of a public hearing. 

The RGS text amendments were prepared by the RGS Steering Committee pursuant to a request made at an RGS Elected Officials Forum held November 10, 2016 (attended by representatives of the SLRD, District of Squamish, Resort Municipality of Whistler and Village of Pemberton).  

For more information on the SLRD RGS Bylaw No. 1062, 2008, see the Regional Growth Strategy page.

Current Status

At the February 28, 2018 SLRD Board meeting the Board resolved to give third reading and adopt RGS Amendment Bylaw 1514-2017. 

At the January 24, 2018 SLRD Board meeting the Board resolved to hold a second public hearing in Squamish, prior to considering any further readings of the bylaw. A public hearing was held on Monday February 19, 2017 at 7pm at the Sea to Sky Hotel, 40330 Tantalus Road, Squamish, BC. 

February 19th Public Hearing Presentation  


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