SLRD Bralorne Sewer Project

Jul 26, 2018
Zoning/OCP Amendment Application
  • Electoral Area A

The SLRD Utilities and Environmental Services (UES) Department has submitted a rezoning and land use contract (LUC) discharge application to the SLRD Planning & Development Services Department.  UES is seeking to construct a wastewater treatment plant on a property near Bralorne.  In order to do so, the SLRD is purchasing a portion of a property from the owner and intends to subdivide that portion off to create a small new lot for the treatment plant.

The Marmot Enterprises Land Use Contract Bylaw No. 143, 1978 applies to the property and does not allow any subdivision.  It also overrides the zoning bylaw in terms of permitted uses on the property.  It must be discharged over this particular lot in order to facilitate the subdivision.  In addition to being under the land use contract, the property is split designated under the Upper Bridge River Valley Official Community Plan Bylaw No. 608, 1996.  The property is also split zoned under Electoral Area A Zoning Bylaw No. 670, 1999.

The Land Use Contract discharge bylaw, the OCP amendment bylaw, and the zoning amendment bylaw were adopted at the June 27, 2018 SLRD Board meeting.

Public Hearing

A public hearing was held on Thursday, June 7 at 6 pm at the Bralorne Church Hall at the Bralorne Community Church in Bralorne BC. 

Staff Reports

The following staff reports provide an update on the application.

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