Temporary Use Permit #59 - Tourist Accommodation - 1715 Reid Road

Sep 27, 2018
Temporary Use Permit
  • Electoral Area C
  • Village of Pemberton

The SLRD received a TUP Application proposing tourist accommodation within an existing single-family residence for a period of three years. The SLRD staff preference is for tourist accommodation uses to be considered through a TUP process prior to a rezoning to allow for the monitoring of impacts.

The application indicates that the property owners would like to use the subject property for short-term
rentals, such as Airbnb, when it is not occupied for residential purposes. The application confirms that the owners will not be redeveloping the property and that there will be no alternation to the property.

Current Status

At the September 26, 2018 SLRD Board meeting it was resolved THAT the Board reject Temporary Use Permit No. 59 regarding Tourist Accommodation at 1715 Reid Road

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